The Performance Handicap Racing Fleet, or PHRF, is a very active racing fleet at HIYC.  Multiple regattas in the Spring and Fall are sponsored by HIYC, as well as a Winter and Summer Series.  PHRF races are always well attended, and fiercely competitive in all classes.  There are 4 classes in all HIYC PHRF regattas.  They are as follows:


Heavy A:  Displacement above 5,000 lbs, PHRF rating of 145 or less, spinnaker assumed.
Heavy B:  Displacement above 5,000 lbs, PHRF rating of 146 and greater.  Spinnaker assumed, but may sail without spinnaker and take a 12 second allowance.  The decision to sail without spinnaker remains in effect for the current year.
Light:  Displacement below 4,999 lbs, spinnaker assumed.
C:  Any boat raced with jib and main only.


For more information about your boat's PHRF Rating, please reference the Fleets by Class (2016).  Please note this link is for reference purposes only.  All PHRF rating decisions are at the discretion of the HIYC Race/PHRF Committee.


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