HIYC Racing Fleets

Harbor Island Yacht Club offers plenty of opportunities to race. With five different fleets, there's an opportunity for you to fine-tune your skills in your familiar boat or try your hand at a new fleet! We have Lasers, Lightnings, PHRF, Vanguard 15's, and Y-Flyers. Read more about these fleets and contact the fleet captains below for more information.



HIYC's Laser fleet began gaining popularity shortly after the Laser's introduction to the marketplace in 1970.  This Olympic-class boat offers a fast, planing hull shape and a large sail area, resulting in a fast and fun ride.  Competition in Lasers begins early, as it is one of the boat types used in HIYC's Sail Camp.  Laser sailors of all ages are invited to participate in the yearly Lots-A-Lasers Regatta held each September, and the exhilarating winter Frostbite Series, held each January and February.

Contact Fleet Captain, Denis Colby for more information: (615) 837-9851.




The Lightning was designed by the legendary design group of Sparkman & Stephens in the 1930s, and first produced in 1938.  Early Lightnings were constructed of wood.  Modern Lightnings are constructed of fiberglass, and have been for decades.  Lightning  Fleet 262 is, by far, the oldest still-active fleet at HIYC.  Its beginnings go back to the early 1950s, a time prior to the founding of HIYC in 1961, and even prior to the impounding of Old Hickory Lake. 


More information can be found at the Lightning Class Website.

The 2018 Mississippi Valley Lightning Districts will be held at HIYC.  Information can be found below.

2018 Notice Of Race

2018 Sailing Instructions


Contact Fleet 262 Captain, Bruce Richards for more information: (615) 383-8749.





The Performance Handicap Racing Fleet, or PHRF, is a very active racing fleet at HIYC.  Multiple regattas in the Spring and Fall are sponsored by HIYC, as well as a Winter and Summer Series.  PHRF races are always well attended, and fiercely competitive in all classes.  There are 4 classes in all HIYC PHRF regattas.  They are as follows:

Heavy A:  Displacement above 5,000 lbs, PHRF rating of 145 or less, spinnaker assumed.
Heavy B:  Displacement above 5,000 lbs, PHRF rating of 146 and greater.  Spinnaker assumed, but may sail without spinnaker and take a 12 second allowance.  The decision to sail without spinnaker remains in effect for the current year.
Light:  Displacement below 4,999 lbs, spinnaker assumed.
C:  Any boat raced with jib and main only.

For more information about your boat's PHRF Rating, please reference the Fleets by Class (2016).  Please note this link is for reference purposes only.  All PHRF rating decisions are at the discretion of the HIYC Race/PHRF Committee.



Vanguard 15

The Nashville V-15 Purpose:

To foster for its members a fun, cooperative, and sustainable sailboat racing program; that improves skills; provides enjoyable, high-quality competition in balance with sportsmanship; and supplies the benefits from Fleet participation, contribution and fellowship.


Nashville V15 Program Goals:

Double-Handed, One-Design Sailboat Racing in Nashville
Leverage existing Nashville racing knowledge to grow participation
Introduce new racers to the sport
Mentorship and learning emphasis
Competitive racing combined with sportsmanship, composure and observance of the rules
Fleet citizenship building on the investments and sacrifices made in time, effort and money to make a successful recreational organization

Please contact for additional information:
Clint Webb

For additional information please visit the fleet page:
And like the Fleet 77 Facebook Page.

The Nashville Sailing Meetup can put you in touch with other sailors for other events!



Y-Flyer Fleet 62

About the Y-Flyer:

The Y-Flyer is an 18’ fun machine.  It’s an easy-to-manage day sailor or a fast tactical racing boat.  Y-Flyers have active fleets all over the U.S. and Canada, but primarily in the Midwest and Southeast regions of the US, including HIYC's own Fleet 62.  We are a family class; and it is, most definitely, a family boat.  Perfect for husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, and best friends - we’ve got them all.  Fleet 62 is very active, even playing host to the 2012 and 2018 Y-Flyer Nationals Regatta.


Contact fleet 62 captain, Anthony Passafiume for more information: (270) 519-3634.

Also be sure to visit the Fleet 62 Facebook Group.


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